Sunday, May 10, 2009


This time last year was as perfect as any Mother's day could be. I was married to the love of my life and he loved me as much as I loved him. He was always surprising me with stuff for no reason. He got lots of joy out of surprising me. He would say "there you go with that kiddie grin again" and of course I would burst into laughter and then he would grab, kiss and tickle me. Soon after would come the gift bag or he would pull it out of his back pack (he always road his motorcycle and carried his backpack it was like his man purse). It didn't matter to me, where he pulled it from. I was just happy that he thought of me all the time. Even when I didn't think he was. :0)
I knew there would be gifts, never anything to elaborate but always special. This time he had bought me a digital camcorder, sneakers, and a very pretty dress. What made me cry though was the card. He remembered the baby that we shared and lost. I know people probably say why does that surprise you? Well it did because in my mind it was my loss. I never really shared with him the way I should have, how devastating it was for me. I never shared it with anyone, selfishly I thought it my failure,my loss. When I read that card, I knew I was wrong he had shared every moment with me.

I was away on a business trip about 2 hrs away when it happened, I was in so much pain. I remember thinking it will be OK. That's what I tell myself when something is happening out of my control. I had a history of female problems and so I wasn't sure what was going on. I had gone to the doctor about a week before and we were waiting the results. He would say " I don't need no doctor to tell me your pregnant with my son I know you having my baby :) ". Well I wanted to be sure so I could get the proper prenatal care. This pain wasn't like anything I had ever experienced. I knew I was in real trouble so I asked to be taken to the emergency room but before they could get me there the unthinkable happened. I had lost my first baby and let me tell you I was devastated. I made it home that same night and I cried, he did his best to comfort me but I was inconsolable. I didn't think he cared that much because he has children from a previous relationship. The next morning we got the call from the doctor's office confirming that I was 4wks pregnant. He grabbed me and held me so tight and said " Bay you know this isn't your fault right, look at me". I don't know there was something in his eyes that was reassuring, maybe it was just his affect on me. I later met with my Doc and he said there was nothing I did wrong. I came to terms with it. My husband and I never really spoke about it again. Inside though in my heart I blamed myself. I was a fierce workaholic. I wore very high heeled shoes, never flats being in the entertainment business is all about image and mine was definitely intact. i just pray that my child didn't pay the cost.

The next miscarriage came after my husband's death, and to be honest it was to much to deal with. I remember leaving the emergency room after having the DNC promising myself not to tell a soul what had just happened. I was going to get in my car and leave and this time I wouldn't come back. I drove around most of the day numb, not knowing what to do. I heard God say don't deal with this now it's too much. I heard that voice as clear as day. So not knowing what to do I went to the movies. My phone was ringing off the hook. My pastor, her husband and my friends were all calling. No one had seen or heard from me since Wednesday evening after church. Then the girls that I mentor started calling. When I didn't answer, they started texting " Ms. Nicole, we love you and are worried please call one of us". It was then at that moment I was snapped out of whatever state of mind I was in. I text the girls and my pastor told them where I was and that I was OK.

I told everyone that the doctor said I was not pregnant, it was a lot easier than the truth. I had lost my husband and now our unborn son. It was too much and I was in know shape to handle more condolences.

Since then I have shared with my sisters and a few close friends what happened and how I loss my family. Timing is everything, what I am able to share now would have devastated me to a point of no return back then. God knows us best, he knew there would be a time and place for me to deal with what was happening it just wasn't then.

Today I remember my husband and our unborn children. I love my husband and each of my children as if they had lived. God I thank you for not forgetting me in my time of need.


perthtones said...

You are a brave and generous spirit to share your story.

By doing so you are increasing the joy of memory and reducing the pain of loss.

Your words will man a lot to many

write on!

Mocha Dad said...

What a touching post. May God bless you and your husband.

OMG Pregnant said...

This has touched my heart, and makes me realise how lucky I am even though sometimes I feel far from it.

I wish you lots of love and laughter in the future xxxxxx