Friday, June 12, 2009

Our Story

It's September 11, 2001 and I'm at the gym watching the news and I am freaked. So I run to my trainer freaked out and he grabs me and says "baby it's gonna be OK don't be scared." We both have family in NY, but his aunt worked in one of the twin towers that had been hit. Even with all the anxiety and uncertainty going on he was very calm. That is just who he was, not to mention that he was 6'2 and 285 solid muscle. His big idea was let's get something to eat, eating his answer to every problem. Food truly was comfort to him.

That's how we met at the gym. It was early August, I was at the water fountain drinking water and his smart remark was "don't drink all the water". When I looked up at who was speaking to me, I was speechless. He was beautiful yes, I said beautiful. Our eyes locked and at that moment I knew that trouble was ahead. I had just moved to Fla. from California and hadn't really met many friends. I needed to talk to someone, that little voice in my head said you better call your prayer partner you are in big trouble. I tried but i couldn't reach Thelma she wasn't answering my calls. Needless to say the flirting went on and we both new that we were about to enter into a place of no return.

We were both with other people and really didn't want to cross any lines, so we didn't. But the attraction between us would not be denied, even though we really tried. We were becoming each others confidants, listening to each others issues even our deepest desires. Things we should have been sharing with our significant others. There was an instant bond and even though on the outside (because of obvious reasons) it may have seemed wrong, to us it was perfect. He would say you are my twin, we are twins and in my heart even though at the time I would openly deny it and laugh at hm I knew he was right. We were connected and I was terrified.

After Sept,11 2001 things would happen that would separate us. Yes we were apart physically, but our souls had bonded and that bond would eventually lead us back to each other. The only difference is the next time we both would be completely available to share, to experience the completeness that we held back all those years before. When we saw each other again, God would throw us completely together in a way that neither of us saw coming but both were willing to embrace.

Life separated us to go and grow, but because we were meant to be brought us back together. Love won't be controlled and it won't be denied. Aaron was my best friend before we ever shared one intimate moment. Our Journey began before either of us even realized we were on one. The moment that we understood that our meeting at the water fountain that day was no coincidence , our life, our love exploded. We began to share our every emotion, it was like we were each others sacred ground. We knew our secrets were safe with each other, their was no pinky swear, or a promise to die we just knew . We were home, we had finally found a place that we could trust, a place that we could rest, our hearts had become one. No words could ever express the moment that lasted for over 2 years, until he took his last breath.

Aaron, baby You may be gone but you are not forgotten. I love you today as much as I did the first day that I laid eyes on you. I realize that I have to move on, and I will. But because of the Love that we shared, the love that you gave me, I will love more, feel deeper and smile more often. I am a better woman and will be able, (when the time is right) to love a man in the truest and purest way.

Thank you XOXOXOX

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