Friday, April 24, 2009


Writing to my husband is part of a journey that I decided to take. Nothing else is working. I read that a letter to the one you lost could be a step in the right direction for healing. I want to be well again. The deep gashes of hurt are really unexplainable. Most importantly i guess, is the one person that might/ would understand what it is that i'm going through and need is gone. I pray that when i am done blogging, if that's what you want to call this, I have found some sort of closure and at the same time a new beginning. it's only been a few months since my best friend /husband left this world for a better one. I have read that the time line for healing is different for everyone. I am ready for my healing to begin the alternative is to ugly and to lonely. I want to live again and some how take my memories of the best love I have ever known with me.

Can I? Will I? Live again after the loss, is there life after this kind of pain?

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