Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I am new to blogging but I realize that I have a voice that must be heard. How many of us sit silently by after losing someone or something that we deemed uniquely special. Whether it be a pet, parent, loved one or best friend.
Society says well there in a better place get on with living. Well what is that? living? who decides what that living should be like? We all know that it should be you, us , me who decides.
I have a question, what happens when the best of who you are or were is entangled in that loss. And you struggle on the inside to get back what every one thinks they see on the outside.
Even still what if that person no longer exist and you are forced to find a new path a new, a new journey beyond the loss.
Who decided that there was one way to grieve and that is to get over and on. Is there a way to do both? Can you find a way to live with the loss without totally losing who you loss?

I love my husband and miss him everyday he was my very best friend, I have lost him in life I don't want to lose him in death too. Thus my journey, our journey for those who are like me living BEYOND THE LOSS

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